The infinitude of things to be retrieved and structured in different contexts on the Internet requires discussions and ideas that drive the creation of methodologies and tools to assist this process. The search for solutions that enable interoperability between applications, facilitating the handling of large masses of data from different sources, has mobilized members of the scientific community in Europe and in many other countries all around the world, including Brazil.

The research on the use of Semantic Web technologies (OWL, RDF, XML, SKOS, SWRL, SPARQL, POWDER, RIF…) has collaborated on formalization, standardization, reuse and sharing of knowledge in various fields of computer science, as well as other areas. Specifically, the demand of available resources for education has been increasing thus the use of Semantic Web technologies combined with specific patterns of educational area (LOM, SCORM and IMS-LD) becomes essential, allowing strengthen communication between people and machines, adding more quality to the information retrieval process in the educational field.

Therefore the use of computational tools that use recommendation, content personalization, automated data extraction and the integration of information will improve the quality of the teaching and learning process.

We invite you to submit your contribution at TEFA 2016, taking place at Lyon France on September 16th, 2016.